Build-On Brick Mug+

Get your Lego bricks out of the cellar, grab a cup of coffee and start building! Start building on your...

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Mr. Wilson Cast Away Volleyball+

If you ever feel like a castaway and need somebody to talk to, you have a couple of options. You...

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Minecraft Lego (2012)+

For all you Minecraft lovers out there, check out this Minecraft Lego! Want to take a break from your computer...

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Velociraptor dinosaur statue+

Are you looking for something different than your regular garden statue? How about scaring the crap out of people by...

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DIY music box kit+

The folks at Kikkerland did it again. This time they created a DIY (do it yourself) music box kit. Punch...

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Super Mario Plush Super Tanooki+

Even grown ups can sleep with plush animals or toys, right? Well, if that is not the case for you,...

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Game of Thrones board game+

Take control of one of the great houses – Lannister, Stark, Baratheon, Tyrell or Greyjoy – in the struggle for...

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